Students Enjoy Successful 妈妈 Conference



On Saturday students travelled to Reigate Grammar School to attend REI妈妈 for their first in-person conference for over a year 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 pupils represented 美国, 阿根廷 and Egypt.

We took along a combination of experienced and novice 妈妈ers and everyone threw themselves into committees and made interesting contributions to the questions being discussed. In addition to all the amazing delegates we took along to the conference, a special mention is deserved to Annabel and Germaine who chaired GA3 (SOCHUM) and GA2 (DISEC) respectively.

Congratulations go especially to our three Delegate Award winners: Katie (Outstanding Delegate, 美国, ECOFIN); Aliya (Highly Commended Delegate, 美国, Security Council); and Sophie (Highly Commended Delegate, 阿根廷, SPECPOL).
As is usual in such conferences the individual 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 students had collectively researched a plethora of different topics, many also preparing potential resolutions for the topics.

A few notable questions included: The Question of the Uyghur Genocide, The Question of Afghanistan, The Question of Market Manipulation, The Question of Conversion Therapy, The Question of Israel and Palestine, and The Question of Euthanasia.

During the day's debate a number of 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 resolutions were debated. A 'crisis' broke midway through the afternoon which committees were required to try to solve, and once again 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 students were often at the forefront of trying to reach a solution.
Well done to everyone who attended, it was certainly a great day of 妈妈!