女孩在护目镜 相信自己的潜能

Science and engineering is the most powerful tool we have to advance humanity, 通过创新研究, 创造力和科学合作可以拯救生命, 减少气候变化的影响,建设更好的环境, 光明的明天.

Before I became a woman in 阀杆 I was a young 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 girl with a fascination for the world, a curiosity to understand how things work and a desire to make our planet a better place. It’s been 13 years since I traipsed the 学校 halls and I am now a full-time nuclear engineer, 创业者和企业主.

I work full-time as a graduate nuclear risk and safety consultant at Arcadis. Being a consultant gives me the flexibility to work on a variety of nuclear projects throughout the UK. Right now I am based at EDF in Bristol as an assistant project manager, supporting the construction of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant. Hinkley Point C is the largest and most complex construction project in Europe. £200亿花, 2.5万人,100多家供应商, extreme precision is required to deliver this mammoth project. I sit within the electrical equipment team and am responsible for overseeing the design, 采购, 制造, installation and commissioning of vital electrical equipment. I also manage any non-conformities in the manufacturing and make sure they are dealt with swiftly by specialist teams.

In my free time, I run my deeptech start-up and research project called ar. ar is a tri-continental project launched in 2019 with two close friends, one based at the University of Florida and the other at the Japan Atomic Agency. ar是低碳, electricity delivering submarine that provides emergency electricity after natural disasters. 各大娱乐平台网址正在写一部小说, advanced molten salt reactor as the power source and aim to be both safe and produce minimal waste. With 75% of humans projected to live by the coast by 2025 and the number of natural disasters increasing year on year, 一个有效的, zero-carbon solution is urgently needed for rapid deployment to disaster zones. This start-up has the support of the 法国 Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA) and the prestigious L’École Polytechnique University in Paris, 他们作为官方顾问坐在小组里.

从离开贝奈登到今天, 我走了一条非传统的道路, 19岁时,我做了一份职业DJ的工作, 在我的日常工作之外, 我目前是披萨厨师和披萨餐厅老板(www.gourmetpizzaco.com). There is no one type of person or one set path you have to take to be a woman in 阀杆. One of my biggest inspirations is marine biologist and inventor of the aquarium Jeanne Villepreux-Power who, 也是软体动物方面的专家, 还是皇室的名人设计师和裁缝.

在阀杆领域工作就是要有创造力, thinking outside the box and being able to dream of something bigger than yourself. It’s driven by a wonder and joy for life itself and the belief in our human potential.





The tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it’s used everywhere by almost everyone at some point in their day. 从你早上起床的那一刻起, 看手机, putting on your smartwatch and making your first cup of coffee. 到处都是.

One area of the industry that’s most in demand at the moment is cloud technology. It essentially allows individuals and companies to host and share information from anywhere instead of having to save anything onto your laptop, CD-ROM或u盘. Popular companies that use cloud technologies are the likes of Google (with Google Drive and Google Calendar to name a few products), 网飞公司, 亚马逊等等. Most people will even go through the day not realising that they’re interacting with the Cloud in some aspect whether it’s checking their bank accounts on their phone, watching tv or even just checking their social media accounts.

我工作的公司叫思杰, and part of what we do is use cloud technology to deliver desktops and applications to companies and their employees. We’re a global company with offices in the US, Europe and Asia. 各大娱乐平台网址的产品范围从virtualis从桌面到网络再到云计算. 通过使用Citrix云产品, companies are able to let their employees work anywhere at any time if needed, and it’s also much easier to scale up as their business expands.

Previously we would release products on CDs which companies would then buy and have to set up themselves. 现在, 然而, it is much easier for companies to on-board onto our products, and we’re able to provide support for them much more easily. My role within the company is different from what people think of when they hear about a software company. In my day to day work I’m responsible for supporting engineers, maintaining a portion of the company’s digital assets including the source code for our products and helping to release it to customers.

随着世界以更快的速度发展, technology companies are always looking to predict what the consumers will be wanting next and, 作为一个结果, 它总是变化得非常快. At university I studied Computer Science and Cybernetics with a year out in industry working for Citrix. This experience opened my eyes to just how quickly technology and the world we live in are evolving. 正如我在大学的第一节课上,一位讲师告诉我的那样,... 50 per cent of what you learn in your first year will probably be out of date by your final year” and she was not wrong!


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